Data warehouse Training In Chennai

Best Data warehouse and Business Intelligence Training Courses in Chennai

Best Data warehouse Training In Chennai

The Best Data warehouse Training Courses in Chennai

Best Data warehouse Training in Chennai

Are you searching for quality Data warehouse training in Chennai? Conveniently situated in the main streets of Adyar, just 2 minutes walking distance from Adyar Bus terminus / Adyar Railway Station. Greens Technologys provides a range of Data warehouse training that prepares you for Data warehouse certification examinations. At Greens Technologys, we are committed to provide quality & industry oriented training for students and professionals. We have designed our courses to be world class, stay industry relevant and market responsive, and most importantly, keep our students way ahead of the rest.

Greens Technologies is the definitive source for dimensional Data warehouse and business intelligence training. This class is designed for data warehouse architects, data modelers, database administrators, business analysts, and ETL or BI application developers and designers. It’s appropriate for anyone interested in A-to-Z coverage of dimensional modeling.. Greens Technologys offers exclusive Data warehouse training in Chennai to teach and support students and professionals to gain enough knowledge and obtain certification as Data Integration and ETL with Oracle Warehouse Builder. Modest batch sizes and personal assistance with plenty of hands-on exercises make sure that individuals are well prepared for becoming Certified Data warehouse Professional

Data warehouse: In computing, a Data warehouse (DW or DWH), also known as an enterprise Data warehouse (EDW), is a system used for reporting and data analysis. DWs are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources. They store current and historical data and are used for creating analytical reports for knowledge workers throughout the enterprise. Examples of reports could range from annual and quarterly comparisons and trends to detailed daily sales analyses. The data stored in the warehouse is uploaded from the operational systems (such as marketing, sales, etc., shown in the figure to the right). The data may pass through an operational data store for additional operations before it is used in the DW for reporting.

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Expert Data warehouse Training in Chennai topics taught by experienced certified professionals with extensive real-world experience. All of our other Data warehouse training will incorporate the Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence New features, providing complete practical training for the latest Data warehouse release.

Best Data warehouse Apps DBA Training in ChennaiAbout Instructor:
- Sai work as an Data warehouse Consultant & Instructor for Greens Technologies. He has focused exclusively on DW/BI since 2006 with an emphasis on business requirements and dimensional modeling. Sai graduated with a MS in Software Engineering from Stratford University. He has over 11 years of Data warehouse Implementation experience and recognized expert in Informatica, Cognos, Business Objects and Teradata. Mr. Sai specializes in Data warehouse Discoverer, Data warehouse OLAP and Data warehouse Data warehouse Builder.

The Greens Technologies is a focused team of senior consultants specializing in the design of effective data warehouses to deliver enhanced business intelligence. Through consulting, education, and writing, we help organizations leverage the information that’s collected by their operational systems to make better business decisions. We pioneered this industry. Although what we do is no longer unique, how we go about doing it most definitely is.

Averaging over 10 years of experience in the field, our vendor-independent team has the know-how to relate to a broad range of client situations, and the insight to react to the elements that make each distinct. Plus the aptitude and attitude to look out for our clients’ best interests at all times. We wrote the best-selling books on dimensional modeling and DW/BI methodology. And every day, we surround our clients with more ways to make smarter decisions.

That’s why we’re the industry leader in DW/BI methodology, design and education, especially when it comes to dimensional modeling. Although many of our competitors are larger, none are more experienced or relentlessly practical.

Conducting regularly online- training for US peoples in all time zones (PST,CST,EST,HST,MST) My training is 100% Money Back Guarantee (Tuition fee) for Passing Online Examination with cent percent and ready to go live with production system immediately. If my training does not satisfy you at any point of time, even during the training period, you need not pay the tuition fee.

100% practical training only. It is not a slide show training program / theory class program. At the end of this class, definitely you will refer your colleagues / friends / relatives for my training.

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Course Details – Day 1

Dimensional Modeling Fundamentals

  • DW/BI system objectives
  • Role of dimensional modeling in the independent mart, Greens Technologies, Corporate Information Factory (CIF), and hybrid architectures
  • Fact and dimension table characteristics
  • Fact table granularity
  • Benefits of dimensional modeling
  • 4-step design process

Retail Sales Case Study

  • Transaction fact tables
  • Denormalized dimension table hierarchies
  • Dealing with nulls
  • Degenerate dimensions
  • Surrogate keys for dimensions
  • Dimension role-playing
  • Date and time-of-day dimension considerations
  • Centipede fact tables with normalized dimensions
  • Snowflake schemas with normalized dimensions
  • Factless fact tables

Invoicing Design Workshop

  • Complications with operational header/line data
  • Allocated facts at different levels of detail
  • Simultaneous facts and dimensions
  • Abstract, generic dimensions
  • Freeform text comments
  • Junk dimensions for miscellaneous transaction indicators
  • Multiple currencies and units of measure

Course Details – Day 2

Inventory Case Study

  • Implications of business processes on data architecture
  • Semi-additive facts
  • Periodic and accumulating snapshot fact tables
  • Conformed dimensions – identical and shrunken roll-ups
  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Bus Architecture and bus matrix
  • Drilling across fact tables
  • Consolidated cross-process fact tables
  • Individual exercise: Translate business requirements into enterprise DW bus matrix

Higher Education Design Review Exercise

  • Common design flaws and mistakes to avoid
  • Bridge tables and primary designation for multivalued dimension attributes
  • Checklist for conducting design reviews

Slowly Changing Dimensions

  • Type 0: retain original
  • Type 1: overwrite
  • Type 2: add new row
  • Type 3: add new attribute, plus multiple type 3 attributes
  • Type 4: add mini-dimension, plus type 4 challenges
  • Advanced techniques to deliver current and point-in-time attribute values
  • Type 5: add mini-dimension, plus type 1 attributes/outrigger
  • Type 6: dual type 1 and type 2 attributes in same dimension
  • Type 7: dual type 1 and type 2 dimension tables

Credit Card Design Workshop

  • Complementary transaction and periodic snapshot schemas
  • Design considerations for one dimension versus two dimensions
  • Bridge tables for multivalued dimension attributes
  • Fact table normalization with measurement type dimension

Insurance Case Study

  • Review of design patterns and techniques
  • Development of bus matrix from extended case study
  • Comparison of fact table grains
  • Complex, unpredictable accumulating snapshots
  • Calculating policy loss triangles

Course Details – Day 3

Video Recap from Sai Greens Technologies

Dimensional Modeling Process

  • Process flow, tasks and deliverables
  • Detailed implementation bus matrix

Financial Applications Case Study

  • Allocating costs to the same grain as revenue
  • Adding audit dimension for allocation versioning
  • Profit margin point analysis
  • Fact value banding
  • Simple and multiple general ledger schemas
  • Timespan transaction fact tables for instantaneous balances
  • Timespan accumulating and periodic snapshot fact tables
  • YTD challenges
  • Budgeting value chain: budgets, commitments and expenditures
  • Forcing slightly ragged hierarchies into fixed depth
  • Bridge tables for ragged, variable-depth hierarchies
  • Shared ownership and time-varying ragged hierarchies
  • Pathstring alternative for ragged hierarchies
  • Tracking the “age of the book”
  • More on multiple currencies
  • Multiple time zones

Banking Design Workshop

  • Multiple account types with hundreds of potential attributes and facts
  • Super types and sub types
  • Tagging fact rows “after the fact”
  • Multivalued dimension examples and design alternatives
  • Many-to-many account to customer map and weighted versus “impact” reports
  • Bridge table implications for multivalued type 2 dimensions
  • Bridge tables for multiple diagnosis, plus time variance

Course Details – Day 4

Automobile Options Exercise

  • Column versus row trade-offs based on usability and scalability
  • Fact table surrogate keys

ETL Back Room Dimensional Designs

  • 34 subsytems within the ETL system
  • Column, structure, and business rule tests for data quality
  • Tracking data quality with error event fact table
  • Reporting data quality with audit dimension
  • Late arriving dimension data
  • Low latency/real time data requirements
  • Hot partitions
  • Latency triage

Customer Behavior Case Study

  • Customer data integration/master data management
  • Aggregated facts as dimension attributes
  • Time series of dimension tags for customer cluster analysis
  • Outriggers
  • Wide and sparse demographics attributes
  • Building study groups for capturing cohorts
  • Sequential time dependent study groups
  • Examples of BI requirements for custom interfaces
  • Data mining tool hand-off
  • Step dimension for describing sequential behavior
  • Structured surveys and questionnaires

Big Data Discussion

  • Business versus IT perceptions of big data
  • Role of Hadoop
  • Complementary conventional data warehouse and analytic sandboxes

PL/SQL: PL/SQL is extension of SQL along with the procedural features of programming language. It supports conditional looping, variables and exceptions. It was introduced by Oracle Corporation in early 1990’s to enhance the features of SQL.


  • Anonymous Block
  • Functions
  • Triggers
  • Packages
  • Procedures
  • Array Handling
  • Various control Statements
  • Conditional statements

Greens Technologys is a leading Data warehouse training institute in Chennai which offers you a world class Data warehouse training by Data warehouse Certified IT professionals having more than 10+ years of industry experience. Students will be provided with Live Data warehouse Projects during the training.

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