Oracle Database Use XML for SQL and PL/SQL Developers

Oracle provides PL/SQL developers with XML tools, which work inside the Oracle Database. In this course, students learn to use XML technology with PL/SQL for Application Development. This course covers the XML features and utilities available

Introducing XML for Application Developers

  • Oracle XML DB basic concepts, features and terminology

Oracle XML DB Repository

  • Overview of Oracle XML DB Repository
  • Creating and Accessing Resources
  • Managing Oracle XML DB Versioning
  • Accessing Oracle XML DB repository data using standard Internet protocols

Managing XML Storage

  • Choosing Native XML Storage
  • Unstructured versus structured storage
  • Using XMLType view for relational data
  • Using hybrid storage mapping
  • Using out-of-line storage
  • Storing collections in out-of-line tables
  • Specifying SQL constraints
  • Adding constraints on repetitive elements

Advanced XML Schema

  • Inheritance in the XML Schema
  • Managing cyclical definitions in XML Schema
  • XML Schema Evolution


  • XQuery: Introduction
  • XQuery Data Model
  • Using XMLQuery(), XMLTable(), and ora:view functions
  • Using XQuery Expressions
  • Using XQuery functions and operators

Searching and Retrieving XML Data

  • Retrieve XML data
  • Querying Database: Relational Data
  • Querying Database: XMLType Data
  • Querying Database: CLOB Data
  • Searching an XML Document
  • Using XPath based Search
  • Using Full Text Search

Advanced XQuery

  • Using XQuery to Generate XML
  • Using XQuery to Transform XML
  • Using XQuery For Querying XML
  • XQuery Support in SQL*Plus
  • Using XQuery with PL/SQL: Binding Dynamic Variables
  • Using Namespace with XQuery

Manipulating and Generating XML Data

  • Using SQL functions to update XML data
  • Generating XML using new SQL/XML functions
  • Generating XML using DBMS_XMLGEN package

Understanding and Optimizing XPath and XQuery Rewrite

  • Overview of XPath Rewrite
  • XPath rewrite benefits
  • Instances where XPath rewrite occur and does not occur
  • XPath rewrite process
  • Detecting XPath Rewrite
  • XPath rewrite of SQL Functions
  • XQuery Rewrite
  • Tuning the performance of XQuery Expressions


  • Introducing PL/SQL APIs for XMLType
  • Document Object Model(DOM)
  • Using DBMS_XMLDOM to create a DOM document.
  • Using DBMS_XMLPARSER to access the contents and structure of XML documents
  • Using DBMS_XSLPROCESSOR for transforming an XML documents

Importing/Exporting XML Data

  • Loading XMLType data using SQL*Loader
  • Importing and exporting XMLType data
  • Creating XMLType Queue
  • Enqueue and dequeue XML messages

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Real time practical scenarios